Is BTP PRO still a part of BTP?

BTP PRO is a separate project.

Is there any membership for BTP PRO?

There aren’t any PRO members like they are for main BTP . We reshare and display only photos for which you had given us permission .We do that via tags and +mentions . So to be a part of our “membership” just follow the rules in About Participation page.

I share my photos with PRO pages but i don’t get editors’ attentions

Well , there are some reasons for that
1.Wrong or incorrect tags.Some of photographers just mention about the page , forgetting about hashtags , and some do the opposite. We recommend to use correct text for sharing with PRO page . Theme-texts for all PRO pages you can find at here
2.Your photos are not enough quality . Our tagline , as you can see in the logo , says “We promote the best” . We have professional team with great editors , they know how to distinguish good photos from bad .
3. Your post is not public shared .
4. You have tagged all of PRO pages . We allow to to tag and mention at most 2 PRO pages in your post . For example , if you have a landscape photo edited in b/w , you can share it with BTP Landscape Pro and BTP Monochrome Pro . Adding more tags of other PRO pages will reduce the possibility of seeing your photo reshared from the PRO page.
5.You have not added one of PRO pages to your circles or you have not fulfilled other requirements

My photo was reshared from PRO page , does that mean that it will be included in the collection of winners?

Possibly, but not always . Our editors reshare best photos , most excellent photos they also pick to add into collection as “Weekly best photos”. We do not inform you about picking your photo . We add featured photos to the collection at the end of the week , and then we create an announcement about winners .

How can i support the project ?

We all are volunteers . You can support us by putting our website link in your blog , if you have . Here is the code <a href="http://btppro.besttopphotographer.com/">BTP PRO PROJECT</a>
You can also help us by becoming an editor .
Contact with us

And finally your best support is your photos shared with PRO pages

Why i can’t download photos from website?

Because we disabled that feature in our website . The copyright of the photos in our website belong to original photographers from Google + . Their names are mentioned in the captions of every photo. If you would like to buy or download a photo , please contact with the owner.

Is there a way to become banned from the project?

Yes there is
1.Causing copyright issues
2.Repeatedly sharing unacceptable low quality photos with PRO pages
3.Disrespectful or other inappropriate behavior
4.Sharing inappropriate or not related to photography material with PRO page